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Arise 2 Live Podcast

Welcome!  Thank you for coming to my Libsyn podcast site. I am the host, Scott R. Weaver.

This podcast brings business owners insights, perspectives, tips, and more to grow and stay balanced between business and family.

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Dec 29, 2021

Many of you are making plans and goals for next year. Today Scott shares three pro-tips to help you make better plans that can increases business profits. Everyone makes plans, but the purpose of this episode is to bring clarity and perspective that sets you apart.

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Dec 15, 2021

Peter Burke is back in an insightful discussion about the components of profit. This interview goes beyond the bottom-line to come up with three things about profit that every business owner should know. Topics include the roles of being focused, creativity, community, and employees. Special attention is on objectives...

Dec 1, 2021

Is it important to see what’s ahead and the path forward? You bet it is!

The Business Maturity Curve is literally a roadmap into the future, but few use this time-tested approach to plan and identify common challenges. This episode covers this tool’s advantages and why you should be using it.

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