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Arise 2 Live Podcast

Welcome!  Thank you for coming to my Libsyn podcast site. I am the host, Scott R. Weaver.

This podcast brings business owners insights, perspectives, tips, and more to grow and stay balanced between business and family.

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Jun 13, 2018

Show Highlights

  • Success factors to launching a new company
  • Stick with your expertise and experience
  • Develop and maintain a positive reputation
  • Take advantage of what regulations give
  • Take time to become an authority in your field
  • Dealing w/ Life changes
  • Take long breaks from work to focus
  • Have faith
  • Practical financial advise to stay on top of debt
  • Don't buy new cars, don't have more than one car payment
  • Keep teaching your children how to handle money
  • The necessity of IT in Missions
  • Dealing with Uncertainty

Show Corrections: Medford Oregon has about 80,000 people, not 180,000.
Show Trivia: There is a parrot squawking in the background.

Byron Reed was the founder of Jefferson IT, serving the health care industry in Medford, Oregon. After 10 plus years, he sold his interest to join Ethos360, a faith-based organization, where he will be helping behind the scenes in IT management.

Byron Reed can be reached at: