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Arise 2 Live Podcast

Welcome!  Thank you for coming to my libsyn podcast site. I am the host, Scott R. Weaver.

This podcast brings life changing perspective to motivated self-employed folks with families.
So you can have a strong business and stronger family.

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Jul 29, 2020

Are you preparing your business and family for the coming school year? Are you taking learnings from last spring disruptions? This episode calls for business owners to intentionally schedule and lead their team and their family. Having a smooth running home life can increase productivity at home.


Dec 18, 2019

The New Year is around the corner! Have you considered creating your own forecast? This episode has two parts. A general, macro-economic summary of various 2020 forecasts and a how-to create your own personal forecast for your business and family by considering the elements of finance, time, and relationships.


May 8, 2019

Don't let summer activities sneak up or stress you out. This episode provides time management and mindset perspectives so you balance business and family for an enjoyable summer season.

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Apr 24, 2019

Looking to level-up by opening locked doors? Scott presents 5 elements from the Door Metaphor to bring simplicity and clarity so your can move forward with reasonable expectations with clear and actionable planning.

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Mar 13, 2019

Have a challenging goal with the path forward is unclear? This episode presents a doable process to identify what needs to be true to reach your goal and a process to take action.

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